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Sergeant Don Mueller

Are you staying aware of the routes you drive to and from work? We all fall into the trap of driving the same routes and even walking/jogging the same paths in or around our homes. We must stay vigilant to vary our routines and not display patterns which could easily be used for ambush.
Do you pay close attention to people and vehicles around you when you enter and leave your home? And do you watch your rear view mirror when leaving work? Make sure you are never followed and you pay attention. We detain and arrest people everyday who probably hold a great deal of resentment towards us. You don’t ever want to lead suspects to your family and children!

Do you advertise that you are a cop to your neighbors? We all remember when they drilled this into us years ago in the academy, but have you become lax? We all know that our closest friends and neighbors will obviously know what we do, but we do not need to carelessly display this to everyone! Do you have bumper stickers or license plate frames that give away the fact that you are a cop? Get rid of them! Can you be seen carrying, or even wearing, your uniform as you come and go from your home?

Do you ALWAYS carry your off-duty weapon on your person? Deputy Davis did not have his off-duty weapon on him. He left it in his vehicle’s glove compartment. Many of us make excuses that our off-duty weapon is “too heavy” or “too bulky,” or we live in a “good neighborhood.” Don’t live in denial! Danger can happen any place at any time. You would not go out without your weapon on-duty. Don’t go out without it off-duty!