Most criminal predators hunt for easy prey.
Bruce N. Eimer, Ph.D
“Senior Citizen Pulls Gun On Knife-Wielding Robber”
“A senior citizen using the men’s room yesterday at a popular Middletown eatery was approached by a would-be robber waving a knife. The potential victim responded by pulling out his own weapon - a handgun. A thin, white male between 25 and 30 years old tried to rob the 68-yearold Langhorne man about 9:30 a.m...Middletown Sgt. Ken Mellus said. The Langhorne man is licensed to carry the gun, police said. No shots were fired and the suspect fled...”

We can only speculate about the outcome had the intended victim been unarmed and unprepared. In this case, he was armed and hopefully prepared to use his handgun to defend himself if he had to. Fortunately, he didn’t have to. His would-be attacker probably decided that his would-be victim wasn’t going to be an easy target and wouldn’t be worth the trouble.

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Most criminal predators hunt for easy prey. They view the elderly as falling into this category, and unfortunately, many do. This armed senior citizen perhaps initially looked like he did, but much to his attacker’s surprise, he did not. He refused to be a victim, and no one was hurt. Unfortunately, criminal assaults against the elderly are on the rise, and unprepared and unarmed victims are often hurt, disabled, and murdered. However, where citizens are legally permitted to carry concealed weapons, a notable crime drop follows (Lott, 1998). Firearm training and weapons privileges dramatically reduce the effects of criminal predators. This is because most criminal predators are street smart. They realize that they’re more likely to get shot by a threatened armed citizen than they are by the police. Thus, guns save lives.
Legendary fi rearms trainer, Clint Smith, has said: “We don’t necessarily take pride in the fact that some of our students have survived gunfi ghts. Where we get our greatest personal satisfaction is the large number of our students who call to report that they have avoided a gunfi ght because of something they learned in one of our classes.”
Many seniors pine for the “old days” when you could walk your neighborhood without fear of falling victim to some degenerate element of society. However, those days are gone, and living under the illusion that the police will protect you will not make you safer. There just aren’t enough police. What’s more, the courts have ruled that the police have no legal responsibility to protect individual citizens from criminal attacks! (Rementer & Eimer, 2005). The court-adjudicated responsibilities of the police are to keep the peace, protect the public, investigate crimes after the fact, and arrest criminals. It would be a great world to live in that didn’t require defensive measures and lethal force. However, Utopia is a pipe dream that is written about, but it isn’t reality. Reality is that this world is not safe!