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Tactical Element


Tactical Element is a North Carolina based tactical consulting and training organization comprised of tactical law enforcement operators (SWAT) and former military special operations forces (SOF) operators specializing in tactical emergency medical operations (TEMO), delivering the highest standard of Tactical Operations Series training.

Training cadre deliver operational and support training at the highest threat level, by providing knowledge and services relative to the entire spectrum of tactical operations available.

During training opportunities, Tactical Element utilizes active, real time field training exercises as opposed to conventional lecture or seminar methodology. Participants learn the up-to-date concepts and tactics, and why such methodology is effective. Participants are also afforded ample opportunity to execute skills learned by participating in realistic scenarios conducive of the subject matter topics.

Participants learn that as the threat environment changes, he will be able to adapt, use initiative and develop tactical measures and/or casualty care that lessen the effectiveness of any threat that a tactical operator might face.

Tactical Element is a corporate sponsor and member of the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers!

Strategos International

History of Strategos International

For the Record
All doctrine currently used by Strategos International is not “ours”…it is not anybody’s…
It is simply a reflection of what is in the environment, revealed through many years of intense training and actual operations.

Our approach is based on concepts and strategies developed by greater warriors who have treaded the earth before our time. It will change over time, hopefully in a positive manner as we interact with those in harms way and find more efficient ways of training and operating.

The format in which we reveal that reality is simply our style…one style of many acceptable styles.

We initially focused on reduced illumination environments and still maintain an extremely strong commitment in this area of study. However, we have incrementally added additio-nal focus areas as time and resources have permitted. We are passionate about our presentations and endeavor to approach all training sessions as servants to those who are on the leading edge of the friction.

Strategos International strives to maximize ones understanding of human conflict and dramatically improve their operational capabilities. The Strategos International staff regularly travels throughout the United States and abroad to deliver custom designed training packages.

Staff members regularly serve in a consulting capacity for law enforcement agencies, military units and private companies that require our unique services.

Our staff has been or is currently involved in law enforcement and military operations.
We know and depend on the products we sell. In some cases we had a strong influence on their design.

We have designed our own family of illumination tools primary designed for use in
high threat environments. They will be released under the brand name “Night-Ops”



Ken J. Good

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Universal Shooting Academy


The Universal Shooting Academy is a practical shooting school designed for beginners, new shooters, intermediate, or advanced shooters wishing to increase their skill, confidence, knowledge and performance in handgun, shotgun or rifle shooting.

At the end of your training, you will have experienced an education in practical shooting covering important topics such as point shooting, speed draw, modern grip and stance methods, strong and weak hand shooting, moving target tactics, barricade shooting, speed reloading, quick target acquisition and many more modern practical pistol techniques.
Each course is personally taught by international and U.S.
champion, grand master pro Frank Garcia.

Paul Howe - CSAT

CSAT - Combat Shooting and Tactics

Paul Howe of Combat Shooting and Tactics


10 Years in U.S. Army Special Operations as an Assault Team Leader, Sniper and Senior Instructor.
Conducted over 40 successful combat raid missions in non-permissive enemy held territory while assigned to Special Operations.
3 years Law Enforcement experience with state certification.
Assault Team Leader for Special Operations assault team during multiple combat operations.
Conducted high-risk protection missions in multiple overseas venues.
Executed thousands of hours of live-fire explosives breaching with no friendly loss of life.

2 years experience in surgical sniping, tactical reporting and intelligence collecting.
Instructed and trained new Special Operations snipers in all facets of marksmanship and surgical interdiction.
Setup and conducted numerous large and small scale training scenarios.


Trained soldiers from over ten different countries in various high-risk special operations missions.
Trained new Special Operations Operators in a wide variety of skills required to function as an assault or sniper team member.
Trained Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement personnel in all aspects of basic and advanced special mission skills.