Transport Assault Program


Tactical Response to Weapons of Mass Destruction


Active Shooter/Rapid Response


School and Workplace Violence has become a critical task for our Law Enforcement Officers. Since the Columbine School incident, we have seen a dramatic increase in these types of incidents. The Active Shooter Program is designed to address every facet of patrol response and bring the community back to normalcy.

Close Quarter Countermeasures C.Q.C. / Team C.Q.C.

Close Quarter Combat Tactics are tactics that should give the user the ability to handle situations that involve armed and unarmed suspects.  These tactics also work when the operator is armed or unarmed. These techniques are low profile and extremely effective. 
CQC Tactics involve complex situations; the operator must be prepared to adapt their skills to handle these above average situations. This program is the PPCT Model taught to ATF,FLETC and Tactical Teams worldwide. Close Quarter Countermeasures

Combat Rifle Training 12-18 hours (Level I and II )


Our combat rifle series explores the full range of options needed to operate the rifle in urban combat. Training targets include sections of information on ballistics, nomenclature, sighting correction, and tactical deployment. The techniques taught have gone beyond the square range as they have been used in actual engagements. Both programs instill confidence in the user through active training sessions and high repetition sequences.

Sniper I and II


These courses take the precision marksman through the steps required to become a dedicated element within a tactical unit.  Program training includes scouting, open air resolutions, and team movement coverage and hostage rescue options. 

Tactical Shotgun - 12 hours


Tactical Shotgun is a short but intense program designed to bring the shotgun back to its former level of the police choice weapon. We concentrate on building the shooters comfort when deploying with this formidable weapon.

Dedicated Pistol I-II 16 hours

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These courses are our most popular offerings. They are the handgun equivalents of the combat rifle programs.  We place extra emphasis on proper presentation skills and the concepts of making hits under stress by cleaning up shooter mechanics. The dedicated pistol series has been taught to operators in military special operations community as well as tactical units worldwide.

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Subgun Operator- 16 hours


This program is designed to enhance the operator’s shooting skills with the subgun as an entry tool. Precision shots are stressed as the subgun is commonly respected as ‘the hostage rescue option.’ When it comes to close quarter engagements with a weapon, the subgun is still the weapon of choice.

Violent Patient Management

Violent Patient Management (VPM) is designed for those persons that are in contact with subjects that are in need of medical assistance, but show aggression towards medical personnel attempting to assist them. These subjects must be properly controlled with as little potential for further injury or escalation as possible. VPM does just that.



Additional Law Enforcement Training Programs

Low Light – Fight at Night Program
Tandem Team Training
Edged Weapons Training
Ground fighting

Additional Advanced Tactical Training Options

Warrant Operations
Less Lethal Technology
* Tactical Medicine (T.E.M.s)  - 
Basic and Advanced S.W.A.T. Operations
Hostage Rescue Training

Tactical Team Development / Management Program

This course introduces the basic concepts and needs for an agency that is forming or restructuring a tactical unit.  By developing a team or reviewing its’ existing make-up under these guidelines, assigned personnel, upper- management and budgeting can more closely define the needs of the agency and provide a more unified approach to the affected demographics.
Topics include:
Team member selection
Equipment needs
Training protocols
Command Post actions
Leadership, team-building and operational planning.Tactical team Management and Development

Special Tactical Problems - ( Patrol Resolutions )

Special Tactical Problems is a series of mini – lectures and practical training that prepares the line officer for day to day events. The emphasis of the course is how to handle active events with efficiency.  By looking at daily actions such as building clearing, firearms tactics, CQC tactics, fitness and survival learning, the user will improve their skills in critical tasks. 

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Civilian / Corporate Programs


• VPM - Violent Patient Management
• DSM - Disruptive Student Management
• CrossFit Fitness - Phase Fitness Training
• Security Guard Service Skills Enhancement  
• CPTED -Site Surveys / Crime Prevention Through enviromental Design
• SHARP – Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention. 
• DSP - Disruptive Student Management
• Intermediate and Advanced Security Skills Development
• Phase Defense Systems – Personal Protection Training and Seminars: Levels 1-5
• CPTED – Site Surveys – Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design


Tactical Fitness (Crossfit )

CrossFit Fitness as taught by Gregg Glassman is the preferred training program of military special operations units, law enforcement tactical units and elite athletes.
The CrossFit Programs are defining the concepts of tactical fitness worldwide.  With support from the main base in Santa Cruz, this program can be introduced and certifications earned for those persons in the assignment of training their departments’ operators.
These certifications present critical information on how to train the body to achieve peak performance by using proper mixed modality training and nutrition.

We keep it simple, yet challenging. It’s clinical, not theory. Find out what real exercise is all about. CrossFit Fitness can help you develop and implement to keep your team ready through operationally-related fitness standards.

CrossFit Training Certifications are held regularly, and bringing a trainer to you is a simple as contacting us for further details at
The CrossFit LEO Trainer Program will give SWAT officers and training personnel guidelines for the establishment of real fitness standards and training.  Do not be fooled by what others have to offer. Find out what Navy Seals, Delta Operators, SWAT operators, Para-Rescue, Rock Climbers, and others have to say about this program. 

Customized and Refresher courses

If you don’t see what you need, Control Concepts specializes in custom and refresher training programs. Contact us for further details.