About CCIjax
Who is it for?

CCI offers on-going local courses as well as mobile training groups based on the needs and size of the requesting individual or group. Sessions can range from a single day to several weeks. Our goal is to provide the most effective, acceptable and defensible skills for the participant of an active environment.

Our methods

Training with CCI offers the most up-to-date training in topics such as firearms, close quarter battle tactics, hostage rescue, warrant operations and dignitary protection. All courses are designed to fit the level of the participant, and to coincide with current agency, organization or operator needs.

What we do


Control Concepts International (CCI) was established in 1986. For nearly 20 years we have provided dedicated training for law enforcement agencies, military units, security and patient management companies. Control Concepts International has a staff of certified instructors that are active operators and high level instructors.